The Angel is in the Details

Maybe you are asking “what’s the catch?”…


Let’s face it, sometimes cleaners will miss an appointment. We feel nothing motives a company to avoid “no-shows” like client credit. If we can’t service you on the day we promised, you’ll get a $10 credit.

Loyalty Rewards

Are you crazy satisfied and can’t wait to share your story with your friends? Make sure they mention you and you’ll get $10 credit. Just to make sure they don’t forget to mention you, they will also get $10 credit.


Cancel any service with 48 hours notice or more with no fees, no exceptions. Cancelations made with less than 48 hours notice will incur a 50% penalty charge.


Regular clients can cancel upcoming cleanings, we don’t have contracts. When a change or disruption is made, the following service will not have the 10% discount. Makes sense right?

Are there cheaper services in Montreal?

Cheaper yes. Better value?


Honest Cleaners

The most common question about safety is how to trust the cleaner. Most companies think criminal background checks are the best way. Criminal background checks tell you which criminals have been caught. An honest cleaner must be treated with respect. Take care of your cleaners, provide fair wages, provide vacations and breed trust from within.


We want to be the Best

Maid Here might not be the cheapest service in town. Heck, you can find somebody to clean your home on craigslist or kijiji (neither affiliated to us at all). We do offer the best value in Montreal, at a very competitive price. Order services online or on your phone. Cancel, modify or add a booking 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Earn credit when we don’t show up as planned. Multiple cleaners trained the same way so that you never need to miss a cleaning again.



While we feel trusting cleaners makes them even more honest, quality control is important. We inspect cleaners work without announcement and at random. Regular inspections keeps the cleaners focused on our mission and our checklist. While routine increases efficiency, it also increases confidence. This confidence can lead a cleaner to forget some details at times. No need to worry, that’s why we provide inspections at no cost to our clients.

Feel like an inspection? We will do our best to inspect all of our cleaners monthly. Request an inspection and we will add it to our rotation on the following round. Remember, the visit is a surprise.


Clean homes. Small homes.

Over 14 years, you get to know a lot of common client concerns. We are grateful to have learned so much from our clients, you all rock! Online booking has restrictions because software works with 0s and 1s, off and on, black and white. This means that smaller homes, homes with less clutter, homes with less people, homes that are better maintained between cleanings, are homes that take less time than average. Relax, we got you covered. You will only be charged for the amount of time we cleaned! If we need more time, we will never go over your booking estimate without your approval. Remember, based on your zone, we either have a 3-hour or a 4-hour minimum. Remember that short-term rental cleanings have lower minimums, restricted zones and different terms and conditions (click here for more info).

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