Residential Terms and Conditions

If the cleaning specialist is given enough time to finish all the tasks requested by the client (stipulated by booking type selected; i.e. Keep it Clean, Moving, Airbnb) but misses certain tasks included with the service, the company will send a cleaning specialist with little delay to fix the cleaning of these items completely free of charge. Access must be provided to the company in the next 48 hours at the time available with the company.
The satisfaction guarantee applies in most cases, except: (1) You have selected less time than necessary to finish the job (if details about how dirty your home is are not declared the cleaning specialist may not be able to stay long enough to finish the job). (2) You ordered service by the hour rather than by the size of your home (Hourly Service). (3) You have declared that you have all the required cleaning supplies and equipment required in the opinion of Maid Here, but do not. (4) You report your dissatisfaction more than 24 hours after the start time of your booking. (5) Your cleaning specialist is given access to the property late and this reduces the available cleaning time. (6) Additional cleaning time is suggested to you and you refuse.
Please note that for Residential services, excluding Hourly Service, should you not include all rooms in your booking the service will be considered Hourly and there will be no guarantee. As these services include common areas, but time is only added online based on the number of bedrooms/bathroom/other closed rooms, there would not be time to clean the common areas without adding all the rooms in the home.
All properties booked with with incorrect information will be considered Hourly Service and will not be covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Booking for other services not categorized as Residential or Airbnb will be considered Hourly Service.
If the cleaners arrive and they cannot get in for whatever reason outside of our control and agreement or “acts of god”, including clients refusing our entry, we will charge the FULL PRICE OF THE BOOKING (our discretion). The cleaners cannot wait extended periods of time and will wait for 15 minutes to make contact. After contact is made, we can wait additional time at our discretion usually based on other jobs required that day and weather conditions. If a booking needs to be cancelled for whatever reason, and the cleaner travels for your home, we will charge IN FULL. We reserve the right to charge a CANCELATION FEE rather than a lock-out fee at our discretion.
Service canceled or modified with greater than 48 hours notice will not be charged any fees. Service canceled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged a CANCELATION FEE of 50%. The CANCELATION FEE will also be charged if we suspect the presence of BED BUGS. Any costs associated with our cleaner getting bed bugs may also be charged. Please take precautions to prevent bed bugs including mattress protectors and regular inspector visits. The CANCELATION FEE may also be charged if the cleaner receives abusive remarks during service, or finds herself in an unsafe environment, including but not limited to drugs, smoking, sexual harassment. We do NOT accept cancelations via voicemail or presumed missed calls. Please email to or talk with an agent directly.
Once a booking is placed online you will receive an email confirming that your oder has been received – this booking is confirmed! Our satisfaction guarantee applies to confirmed bookings only. You will also receive an email notification 24 hours before service and a text message on hour before service. Didn’t get a notification? Maybe the booking isn’t confirmed, call us ASAP.
Please also note that any changes to your regular schedule must be made with the office and NOT with your cleaner. Bookings made online can be changed online by the client with greater than 48 hours notice.
Any changes with less than 48 hours notice from the start time of the cleaning MAY NOT be made. We will do our best to accommodate. However, we are not liable should a key be left last minute and the cleaner is unaware or other such circumstances.
Please allow up to 30 minutes past the scheduled start time of service. We reserve the right to arrive late due to weather, traffic, or “acts of god” with notification or within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time without notification.
When bookings of less than 5 hours block a cleaner’s entire availability for the day, we reserve the right to modify the time of the service and will notify of such changes. In cases where our preferred schedule does not meet your needs and we can’t accommodate the schedule originally booked by the customer, no cancelation fees will be charged.
We will not share your details outside of our company without your permission. Our website, its contents, and our methods, terms and conditions, are our property and can’t be used without our consent.
We do NOT accept keys for bookings made online. We DO accept keys for regulars booked by phone that have the same cleaner every 1-2 weeks. The keys must be given to the cleaner at your home on the first service and returned to you during the last service. Keys that are not taken and returned in this manner may incur fees, including the lock-out fee for not being able to clean.
Your credit card will be authorized before service and the charge will be posted after service is complete. We reserve the right to request additional funds should an extended cleaning be approved or a cleaning being delayed by no fault of our own (ex: we arrive on time and agree to wait 30 minutes for access, but then still provide the total booked cleaning time beyond the 30 minute waiting. This would result in a charge for 30 minutes). We reserve the right to charge any credit card on file, even if not the preferred card used to book a service. We may authorize the card multiple times if the booking is more than 7 days from when the booking is made.
No smoking is permitted during service. Our employees reserve the right to work in a smokefree environment.
The number of hours reserved can’t be reduced by more than 1 hour per cleaner and the service minimum in your zone can’t be reduced on billing.
Invoices and estimates are sent by email, no exceptions.
We only accept payment by credit card. Any credit card on-file can be charged when the primary card is declined.
Interest will be charged starting one month after the invoice is sent at the maximum legal amount.
We complete our checklist based on the service you have selected. In any case where a cleaner is convinced to modify the checklist by the client, the satisfaction guarantee is void and so is our liability for damages that may arise from these tasks being completed without proper training.
We do not service any residential client on holidays. We will do our best to arrange a different service date or your cleaning will be skipped automatically on these days.
Regular service booked by phone or by email after an initial booking online will have these same terms and conditions applied automatically, including updates.
***Please note that the 10% regular discount does not apply when a change is made to your schedule or scheduled time but resumes when regularity continues. Also, the discount applies to the same cleaner being booked for the same time and day of week, every 1 or 2 weeks, indefinitely or until cancelation. This is only done by phone. If our cleaner must cancel service, your discounted rate will not be affected. Also the discounted rate does not apply to the first booking, even if services were used in the past.***
We will require photo evidence of the damage within 24 hours of the service when damage was done. As multiple people may have been in the home on this day or before, we may require written testimony or affidavit that you are clear on who caused the damage. In the rare occurrence of damage being done by a cleaner(s), we are happy to rectify the situation. Let’s just be sure that we are at fault and that the condition of the item before damage is valued appropriately and with evidence. We reserve the right to replace used items with other used or similar items or to fix the item ourselves should we be able to do a reasonable job.

Version – August 2018 – Priced subject to change without notice.


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